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Record of the Day

Three Elements: Photograph, Cyanotypes & Machine

Record of the Day 2022.4.26 Kyoto

Record of the Day is a collection of standardized photographic discs made throughout the past year with a motorized camera obscura. The sun is the pencil and the clouds temper the hue, charting storms and shadows, they react with and stain the cyanotype paper as it advances. Our awareness also developed from the sun, gradually taking on hue and depth until our concepts transcended our dawn but our beingness is still firmly synchronized to the day. The significance of any moment, real or imagined—The relativity of all things—A few minutes, a long moment, a lifted hand to cast a shadow. Time is a shimmering line cast on the horizon.

"Summit" Panorama

「Record of the Day」は、モーター付きカメラ・オブスキュラでこの1年間の日々を撮影した写真作品のコレクションである。ここでは太陽が鉛筆となり、雲が色相を和らげ、嵐は影を描く。これらがサイアノタイプの用紙と反応しながら進んでいく。
現実か想像を問わず、どのような瞬間にも意味がある —すべてのものの相対性— 数分、長い時間も手をあげれば影ができる。時間は、地平線に投影された揺らめく線である。

Exposed but unprocessed cyanotype print inside HelioScan II

24 Hour TIme Lapse Against the Earth's Rotation over Kyoto

+1 art Gallery Comment


シュヴァーブ トムは近年その技法を用いた作品を発表しています。彼は、鉄塩を塗った感光紙を回転ステージ上に置いて24時間で1回転する装置を作りました。それを屋根の上に置くと、蓋に施されたスリットから入りこむ移ろう光の印影が1枚の紙に現れます。それは太陽の光が描く、ある1日。本展では、サイアノタイプの作品とシュヴァーブ自作の装置も展示、実演します。

+1 art カワラギ

One of the photographic techniques is called cyanotype. Cyanotype, also known as daylight photography, was invented in the mid-19th century. Blueprints used in the past for printing drawings were also cyanotypes. The cyanotype uses a phenomenon in which paper coated with iron salts becomes photosensitive to sunlight and turns a deep blue color.

Tomas Svab has been showing works using this technique in recent years. He has created a device in which photosensitive paper coated with iron salts is placed on a rotating stage that makes one rotation in 24 hours. When the paper is placed on the roof, a shifting light impression appears on a sheet of paper as it enters through a slit in the lid. It is a day depicted by the sun’s rays. In this exhibition, the work of cyanotype and Svab’s own device will also be exhibited and demonstrated during the exhibition.

Kawaragi, +1 art

Record of the Day, cyanotype prints from multiple days between 2021.11 and 2022.10, Kyoto.