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Left to Right: Tomas Svab "Dialgue Before Discussion" | Inoue Yukari | Yamamoto Naoki | Yi Choong Woo | Kang Wankyu | Uno Kazuyuki.

Korea / Japan Art Communications 2019



This is the third exchange exhibition I’m participating in, for the second time in Cheongju, Korea.  A total of 23 artists installed their artwork in the Ochang Gallery. For this event we chose the theme ondo ( 温度 / 온도 ), which literally means temperature. In both Japanese and Korean languages this word has connotations to levels, similar to how we use degrees in English—ondosa ( 温度差 ) is a term adding “sa” or variance, meaning the differences between people in their perception of things, such as their level of enthusiasm or nuance of opinion. Before this exhibition, just before printing our publicity materials a trade war broke out between our two countries, soon after at the Japanese Aichi Triennale a politicized sculpture was removed for the “safe” operation of the event. We thought it’s important to address and differentiate ourselves from the hostile politics that we don’t want to define the relationship between Korea and Japan.

You can read more about the exhibition on our studio website in Japanese: Alt Space POST, Korea Japan Exchange

List of participants

裵 相順|BAE Sangsun
井上 裕加里|INOUE Yukari
入佐 美南子|IRISA Minako
河村 啓生|KAWAMURA Norio
来田 広大|KITA Kodai
宮岡 俊夫|MIYAOKA Toshio
長島 聡子|NAGASHIMA Satoko
中屋敷 智生|NAKAYASHIKI Tomonari
奈良田 晃治|NARADA Koji
鮫島 ゆい|SAMEJIMA Yui
シュヴァーブ・トム|SVAB Tomas
寺岡 海|TERAOKA Kai
宇野 和幸|UNO Kazuyuki
山本 直樹|YAMAMOTO Naoki
최부윤|CHOI Booyun
최민건|CHOI Mimgun
강완규|KANG Wankyu
고헌|KOH Hon
리우|LEE Woo
박진명|PARK Jinmuyng
박영학|PARK Younghak
윤덕수|YUN Duksu

Ochang Art Gallery
102 Ochanggongwon-ro, 청원구 오창읍 Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea